Maternity Photo Session Guide


Maternity Photo Session Guide

Pregnancy is such a magical time in every woman’s life. It brings countless changes to your soul and body. You get motivated like never before. If you choose to document this lovely period by taking a maternity photo session, you should be prepared for it.

On this article I will share a general guide to help you get ready for this significant event.

  1. Why booking a Maternity Session?
  • YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You may feel nauseous, tired, swollen, but from the outside people just see a gorgeous woman who is creating a human baby inside her awesome belly.
  • It’s fun! Feeling like a super model for a few hours it’s going to be fun, but looking at the pictures few weeks later will be breath-taking.
  • It’s not as expensive as you might think. Some photographers charge more than others but the price not necessarily set the photo quality of your session. Take time searching online and looking for previous works for the possible candidates. Of course if you are in Miami, you need to check @miryclicksphotography page, I bet you will love her job. I also have more information here.
  • Professional photos are a lot better than phone shots: you can easily get a friend to take pictures of you and it will be Okay. But having a professional doing it will definitely exceed your expectations.


  1. When is the best time to have a Maternity Photo Session?
  • The best time to book your maternity session would be from week 30 to week 35. Usually that is when your belly looks perfectly round. I prefer before 35 weeks because after that, you get even more tired, swollen, and not in the mood for it. Also, babies may arrive a little bit earlier than expected. Thanks God I god my session on time because I gave birth at week 36. But it all depends.
  • The following picture was taken at week 28.
By @miryclicksphotography
  • After that the same lady got another shoot at week 35. See how cute her belly was now.
By @miryclicksphotography
  • But this other lady preferred to wait until week 37 because her belly was not that big for the pictures.
By @miryclicksphotography


  1. What to keep in mind before your session?
  • Make sure to hydrate your skin, put special attention to your belly.
  • I strongly recommend to get your nails done either at a salon or by yourself. Maybe a friend can help you out with your toes. Make up it’s also important.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes to prevent you from marks on your body.


  1. What to bring to your photo session?
  • You can bring anything to personalize your photos.
  • Family pictures are always adorable, you can bring your partner and older children.
  • Some other ideas are: ultrasound pictures, baby shoes, soft toys, and your baby’s name letters.


  1. What to wear?
  • Even though the photographer may have some outfits and accessories, you can definitely bring something special and unique.
  • Lovely dresses that enhance your belly.
  • Fluffy long skirts with short tops.
  • Denim outfits with t-shirts always make the session hilarious.
  • If your session is at the beach, why not wearing a bikini?


Remember that a breathtaking maternity photography session will not only create beautiful images, it will also make you feel pretty and confident. It is worth it!

Again, if you are a mom-to-be living in Miami or near by, do not forget to check Miry Clicks Photography portfolio. You can also find her on Instagram or Facebook.

When sharing your images on Social Media, please, tag @momherewego. We will be thrilled to see you!!!!

By @miryclicksphotography

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