Pink and Blue Kids Salon

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Pink and Blue Kids Salon

I’m always looking for nice places and good deals that I can share with you all. Today, I want to share information about a magical place where every member of the family can definitely enjoy a great service and have lots of fun. It is located in Doral, Florida and it’s called Pink and Blue Kids Salon but as I said, either babies, boys, girls, moms, and dads could be pampered there. Continue reading to learn more about this unique salon and getting a  great promo code at the end of this article. Continue reading “Pink and Blue Kids Salon”

Going back to school when you have a baby

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Going back to school when you have a baby

I’m not going to lie, going back to school when you have a baby it’s hard. Even studying while pregnant it’s tough since you are tired and want to sleep most of the time. I took a semester off after giving birth. But I know ladies who didn’t even take a break the first few months. Others prefer staying off-school for more time. It all depends on your specific situation. But no matter if you are pregnant, have a baby or two, or more; it’s never to late to come back to school.

On this article I’m sharing 12 advices to help you staying on track so you get a step closer to get your diploma. Continue reading “Going back to school when you have a baby”

Luxury Parties on Wheels for Miami Moms

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Luxury Parties on Wheels for Miami Moms

Miami Moms, you are going to love these luxury party ideas. Keep on reading either if you are pregnant or already have kids, because the entertainment it’s for you all. Continue reading “Luxury Parties on Wheels for Miami Moms”

Choosing a pediatrician while pregnant

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Choosing a pediatrician while pregnant

Finding the right pediatrician for your children is an important decision. If you do not have any recommendation from family or friends you may feel overwhelmed by the choice. On this article you will find valuable information, so you learn what exactly to look for when doing your own research. Continue reading “Choosing a pediatrician while pregnant”

Maternity Photo Session Guide

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Maternity Photo Session Guide

Pregnancy is such a magical time in every woman’s life. It brings countless changes to your soul and body. You get motivated like never before. If you choose to document this lovely period by taking a maternity photo session, you should be prepared for it.

On this article I will share a general guide to help you get ready for this significant event. Continue reading “Maternity Photo Session Guide”

How to prepare your dog for the addition of a human baby brother/sister?

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Doggy Mom? Then check out this article 🙂

With no doubt, our dogs are our first babies. The connection we create with our pets is incredibly unique. They know when we are sad, excited, or happy; they feel us. As we know, dogs have a very strong sense of smell, so when we get pregnant, they catch the changes of scent due to the increase of pregnancy hormones. Another thing that dogs perceive is the changes in our bodies. Oh yes, they can notice your growing bump. But besides that, what can I say about the moment when your dog snuggled close to you and he feels your baby kicking for the first time; that moment is priceless. All this changes make your doggy to, most of the time, be more affectionate and loving with you.

That does not mean that he understands what it’s really happening. He has no idea that very soon, a little baby is going to be his best friend forever.

That is why we have nine month to acclimate our dogs for that experience. Continue reading “How to prepare your dog for the addition of a human baby brother/sister?”

Cravings during pregnancy

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I found these pictures of Eden Grinshpan so funny that I wanted it to share with you guys. She is a chef and television personality. You can find her on Instagram as @edeneats

Cravings during pregnancy

Salty, sweet, spicy, sour… Cravings of any kind may control your appetite during your pregnancy. Sometimes it’s just for a short period, or maybe you don’t even have a major crave, but the average moms-to-be experience common, weird, or unhealthy cravings through their gestation period. Keep on reading to learn more about this topic.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 12.36.45 AM Continue reading “Cravings during pregnancy”