Fashion Mama

Most of you know how difficult it is to stay in style while pregnant. Your body is changing every week by getting bigger and bigger. Sometimes you don’t feel pretty or sexy, I get it. Some days, it doesn’t matter what you do or wear, you just feel huge and uncomfortable, I get it. When you go shopping, nothing fits you or you don’t like any style on you, I get it. That happened to me many times.

That’s why I’m creating this guide. I will be adding different maternity looks every season; and you will be able to  buy any item of your choice just by clicking the links. Having trending ideas with the option of buying clothes and accessories right here, will save you time, so you don’t have to stress yourself out by searching here and there.

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Say Hi to Summer Styles


#1 Striped Dress


I found this look simple but pretty. You can definitely wear the jacket or not, depending on the weather. This is a comfortable dress that will enhance your beautiful belly. The sandals are  trending now with the thick sole. The necklaces and hat are the finishing touches.


#2 White t-shirt and denim short


Another summer look that you could get on H&M online.

How easy to get styled with white t-shirt and denim shorts. Always a good idea to choose nice sunglasses.  This washed-denim shirt is a classic fit that will look great as the picture shows.


#3 Little black dress


I just love this style. I personally like TOMS shoes very much, and this semi-striped option is super cute. Getting the gray t-shirt on top of the black dress will totally transform your look. Just add purse, jewels, and you are ready to go.


Stay tuned for more ideas 🙂