8 Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Care (and more)


8 Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Care

Newborn babies are use to be warm and tight inside the womb. It is a completely new and peculiar experience for them to be out of that comfort zone. We can help them to stabilize and feel comfortable through the skin-to-skin care.

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Braxton Hicks Contractions


Pictures above show how your belly may change in shape while having a Braxton Hick Contraction 🙂

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What are Braxton Hicks (BH) Contractions?
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Ready for C-section

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Once all is set for the C-Section –check out my previous post (Epidural? YES, YES, YES PLEASE!!!)- you are taken from the labor room to the surgery room. Your husband or any other person (just one) will be allowed to stay with you. So you have to say bye-bye to your family and friends for a while. All nurses smiling and making you feel that everything is going to be Okay is wonderful. Even though you are scared, anxious, freaked out, and panicked, all in one. Everything ready, a giant lamp almost in your face and your husband holding your hand. Continue reading “Ready for C-section”

Baby’s Delivery Bag Checklist

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What to pack in your baby’s bag for delivery day

As I explained before on Mom’s Delivery Bag Checklist, I strongly recommend having the bags ready by week 34 (one for you and one for your baby). I’m a visual person, so I selected some pictures so you have a better idea on what to pack, but below I explain everything with details.


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Mom’s Delivery Bag Checklist

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When should you get your bag ready for delivery day?

I strongly recommend having your bag ready to go by week 34. Actually both bags, yours and your baby’s. Check out here the Baby’s Delivery Bag Checklist. It’s a bit early but it’s better to have everything ready by yourself than go into early labor “by surprise” and have another person preparing and bringing your stuff later. In my case, my water broke by week 36, but I know someone that had her baby by week 35. It was completely fine, just earlier than expected. Just in case…pack early. I just gather some pictures (see below) so you have a better idea, but following I explain everything with details.

momherewego-mom-bag EN

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Halloween with a bump

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If you still don’t have anything to wear for that Halloween party you are invited to, no problem. Here I selected some sample costumes that will make your life easier 🙂



The pumpkin season is getting to the end and the peek-a-boo day is around the corner. If you are pregnant it is time to think about a costume for both of you (you and the bump).

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