Surprise Baby Shower


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Recently, I published an article about how to prepare a Baby Shower without spending a fortune, check it out here Baby Shower on a Budget. I had that article ready for a while but I didn’t post it because me, and a group of friends, wanted to surprise a pregnant couple that we love. We know each other since 10th grade, and we get really excted every time any of us is expecting a baby. In this case, IT’S A GIRL! Baby Paola is on her way. Paola’s parents (my friends) didn’t want to make a Baby Shower, so we (the group of friends) secretly prepared a “Surprise Baby Shower” for them.

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Baby Shower on a Budget

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Baby Shower on Budget

Some couples don’t want the Baby Shower (BBSH) because they get embarrassed for inviting people to get presents for them. Others prefer buying the baby stuff themselves instead on spending money on a party. Others make huge BBSH parties, spend bunch of money, more than what they receive in presents. Everybody makes thing different and I respect everyone’s opinions because it all depends on what you really want and on the BUDGET you have planned for it. But if you ask me for advice, I would tell you to

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“What to do when your baby gets the cold”

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On this post I want to share my experience and tell you what works for me.

The first cold is awful (it is always awful) because you have no experience on taking care of a sick child 24×7 (my case). It all starts with some mucus, then stay awake all night trying to make your baby feel better because of the stuffy nose, then some fever, then you freak out and call the doctor to get an appointment. Check up done. Nothing to worry about, it is “just a cold”. Lots of fluids and Tylenol when fever. Sounds easy huh? Keep on reading to find some advices on what to do when your baby gets the cold.

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Epidural? YES, YES, YES PLEASE!!!

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Since the day I gave birth, I can’t say enough that every woman having her babies without epidural deserves a crown. Oh yes, they do. The contraction pain is… wow… no comments…. jajaja. I’m very lucky that I got the epidural really fast. But those minutes without it were like hours for me. I remember when the contractions started to get serious I didn’t even let the nurse to finish the phrase “Do you want epidural?” I said YES, YES, YES PLEASE!!! Continue reading “Epidural? YES, YES, YES PLEASE!!!”

Difference between Epidural and CSE

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I found information online that helped me understand the difference between Epidural and CSE. I always wanted to have a natural birth but sometimes is not only up to you; therefore, C-section is necessary. Then you need to know about CSE. Hey, don’t feel bad if you end up having a C-Section, it is Okay, you and your baby are gonna be fine. I’ll talk about it in another post. Meanwhile keep on reading so you learn about these anesthesias. Continue reading “Difference between Epidural and CSE”

My first post


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Hi Everyone, I’m excited to be writing my first post. I have this idea of sharing -thoughts, tips, questions, answers, love, and smiles- for so long now. I have created this blog for many reasons. One is that when I was pregnant, I was so eager for information and did my research online every day.

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