Difference between Epidural and CSE

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I found information online that helped me understand the difference between Epidural and CSE. I always wanted to have a natural birth but sometimes is not only up to you; therefore, C-section is necessary. Then you need to know about CSE. Hey, don’t feel bad if you end up having a C-Section, it is Okay, you and your baby are gonna be fine. I’ll talk about it in another post. Meanwhile keep on reading so you learn about these anesthesias. Continue reading “Difference between Epidural and CSE”

My first post


***Recuerda abajo está en Español***

Hi Everyone, I’m excited to be writing my first post. I have this idea of sharing -thoughts, tips, questions, answers, love, and smiles- for so long now. I have created this blog for many reasons. One is that when I was pregnant, I was so eager for information and did my research online every day.

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